Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

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Every member will require a membership card to swipe in when entering the gym.
This includes both adults and kids.
Anyone without a card, please collect from reception. We advise that parents bring in the younger children to reception and swipe in for them.
Please remember to notify us of any changes to your contact details.
For example new email address or mobile number change etc.

App Download

From now on, all classes must be booked in advance via the Fitsense app.

Download FitSense App >> click on Member Sign In >> then ‘Activate my Account’ and fill in all the details (exactly the same on the member profile).
Please note: must use the email address the club have on record.
Once you have done this a password will be sent as an SMS message to the member and the member will be ready to start using Fitsense!

Here you can view the new timetable and pre book upto 5 days in advance.
Until the rules are relaxed, only 20 persons are allowed on any one class so please book early as it will be ‘first come, first served.’
If for any reason you need to cancel, please follow the steps. The sooner you let us know, the better, as someone else on the waiting list can then take your slot.
(Anyone without a smartphone, please contact us asap).

For anyone under age of 18, parents/carers must download the app and book their child onto the classes.
Parents with more than one child at Fearless, please contact us directly to book.

Student Waivers

As well as the swipe card, every member will need to read and sign a new waiver.
Again, no one will be able to train unless we have signed waivers returned.
Parents must sign for anyone under age of 18.

Kids Drop off/Pick Up

Parents/Carers-Please ensure kids arrive on time in their uniforms and are picked up on time after their class.
We can’t start our next scheduled class until the previous class members have all left the building.
You co-operation is very much appreciated.


We have tried our best to stick to our original schedule best we could.
However, there are slight changes and we hope these are temporary until the situation eases.



5-545pm Kids Wrestling (Beginners)
6-645pm Adults Thai Boxing (Yellow Bands & Above Only)
7-745pm Adults BJJ (Mixed)


5-545pm Kids Thai Boxing (Beginners)
6-645pm Adults Thai Boxing (Beginners)
7-745pm Adults Wrestling (Mixed)
8-9pm Fighters Only


5-545pm Kids Thai Boxing (Advanced)
6-645pm Adults Thai Boxing (Yellow Bands & Above Only)
7-745pm Adults MMA (Mixed)
8-9pm Fighters Only


5-545pm Kids Wrestling (Advanced)
6-645pm Adults BJJ (Mixed)
7-745pm Adults Wrestling (Mixed)
8-845pm Adults Thai Boxing (Beginners)


6-645pm Adults Boxing (Mixed)
7-745pm Adults Thai Boxing (Yellow Bands & Above Only)
8-9pm Fighters Only


9-930am Kids Thai Boxing (Beginners)
945-1015am Kids Wrestling (Beginners)
1030-11am Kids Thai Boxing (Advanced)
1115am-1145am Kids Wrestling (Advanced)


Entrance into Fearless will remain the same. After class, Exit will be via the weights area Fire Exit.

Changing Rooms/Toilets

Changing rooms will be closed so please come to gym prepared in your Fearless uniform ready to train.
Please use toilets one at a time to stay consistent with the social distancing guidelines.

Weight Training Area

Maximum of 5 people can train per hour in the weights area between 4-9pm.
Again, please contact us directly to book beforehand.


There will be sanitizers placed in many areas around the gym.
Please use before and after training.


Please bring your own boxing gloves etc.
Also, please bring your own towels and water bottles and avoid sharing.

Wipe down stations

After training, please take few minutes to wipe down your areas ready for the next group. Again there will be cleaning equipment available in and around the gym.

The changes above are new for us all so please bear with us, we will try our best to ensure your return is smooth as possible.

Video tutorial

Below is a link with Coach Simon explaining and demonstrating the new changes in place.
Please watch;

Finally, as a thank you to all our current customers who stuck with us, we will continue the 50% freeze for the whole of August. Memberships will return to normal price from 1st September 2020.

Once again, a massive thanks for your continued support.